The human body has an innate ability to heal itself.  It continuously works to maintain homeostasis (balance).  Following emotional trauma, stress, or illness the body is left in a state of imbalance.  We want to help you reclaim your balance.

Body & Energy Work


Reflexology is a non-invasive natural therapy that can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance and facilitate healing by relieving tension, improving circulation and supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally.

Initial & Follow-up Sessions

Includes consultation, health history, findings, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

60 minutes $85.00


Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction, relaxation and healing technique that is conducted by “laying on hands” with the idea that energy flows through us, from human to human. If our “life force” energy is low we are more susceptible to illness and stress; if it is high we are open to increased amounts of happiness and good health.

By clearing and rebalancing the chakras that hold energy relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Though energy shifts balance is restored resulting in a sense of calmness and peace.After even just one treatment you will feel rejuvenated and calm in a way that may often feel foreign to you as an adult.

Reiki is typically conducted with the patient laying down on a massage table with the Reiki practitioner beginning at the crown of the head and eventually moving down all the way to the feet.


60 minutes   $85.00

90 minutes    $120.00

Combination Reflexology / Reiki

90 minutes    $120.00

Holistic Nutrition

In holistic nutrition, each person is treated as an individual with individual, specific health concerns.  These concerns are addressed to determine the root cause of health dysfunction and through the use of specific tools, nutritional deficiencies are assessed and a plan is developed to improve and support wellness.

After completing an assessment, a customized wellness package* is prepared to support an individual’s health goals.

Let’s get acquainted call

A time for you to ask questions and find out how we can support your wellness journey.

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation we will discuss your main health concerns, and collect your health history, food journals, and life style factors.

90 – 120 minutes $145

Follow-up Session

Designed to monitor how you are doing and discuss how the recommendations are going, what your struggles are, solutions to help get you back on track and new specific recommendations.  Follow-up sessions are usually scheduled either monthly or bi-monthly based on how much support you want.

60 minutes – $120.00

*A wellness package contains meal plans, recipes, helpful tips on meal preparation, and supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Culinary Nutrition

Want to have fun in the kitchen preparing delicious and nutritious meals your family will love? This is an opportunity to learn how to prepare ingredients for a week of easy to make meals and snacks by spending a couple of hours one afternoon.

Hourly rate – $120.00

Give us your favorite recipes to re-invent the foods you love using healthy, nutritious whole food ingredients.

Price per recipe – $20.00 (based on complexity)